Podcasting: What and How



Michael Stephens states in Library Media Connection that Podcasting is “like an audio Blog post, syndicated via RSS to users’ aggregators, computer, or MP3 players.”  Podcasting, like Bloging,  is a way for people to communicate their ideas, through reflection and discussion. However, unlike Blogs, they are recorded and stored for people to view. They can be delivered by people who just want to share information about their interest or they can be delivered by professionals on particular subjects.

How Can it be used in the classroom?

Podcasting can be used to enhance classroom instruction in numerous ways. First of all, it can be used as an end result for the writing process. Students can record themselves after completing all stages of the writing process, focusing on the  “Voice” of a writer. In Frederick County, teachers are focusing on fluency. When podcasting, students will be hearing models (the teacher and other students) of fluent readers, they will have the opportunity of practicing their scripts and recording themselves, and they will be reflecting on their recordings.  Students can communicate what they have learned in ways of sharing or teaching others what they have learned. Research shows that teaching is one of the highest forms of learning. Through pod casting, students will be able to express their ideas through reflecting on taught/learned information. Also, it allows students to add their own humor to information that is shared.

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