Comforting Those Reluctant Parents

       Using technology in the classroom has a lot of “Bells and Whistles” for students and teachers, alike. It makes learning enjoyable and keeps children and teachers in tune with current educational and work trends.  With all of this in mind,  why are some parents so reluctant to have students participate in these trends? Safety!

       Before using the Web with students, there are a lot of precautions to consider. “This is about more than not publishing children’s names and pictures on the Internet or permitting students to access obscene content online” (Will Richardson).

     First of all, educators need to filter and monitor content being seen/used in the educational setting. In Frederick County, elementary students are not permitted to search the Web freely. View this sitefor more information. Also, most school systems have some form of filter being used so that inappropriate content isn’t being viewed. This eliminates the possibility of students viewing sites that are not appropriate for school children. Lastly, using multimedia can be used to teach safely issues, such as “PointSmartClickSafe” (a interactive site that is to help children stay safe while using the Internet). This site includes video clips and a”guidebook.” View this site for more information about the interactive.

    Therefore, parents being aware of the technology precautions that teachers are taking may increase parents understanding and comfort level of student technology use.

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