Gaming: An Effective Way to Educate Our Youth

      A common statement in households is “stop playing that video game and go outside and play.” Now,  as professionals are looking at video games in a different way, parents and educators must stop and think about how video games might actually help students in the world in which we live. 

      Cindy Long states in NEA Today, “The U.S. military uses video games to train forces. Doctors use them to practice surgery. And education technology experts are encouraging teachers to play simulation-themed games in the classroom to help students think more critically.”

        As educators, it is our job to prepare children for the world in which we live. The question that many professionals might ask is “Can video games promote learning?”  In my opinion, If people in the military, doctors, and education technology experts are using games for educational purposes, it seems as though teachers should be using them, also.

      Many educators of various levels and subjects are currently using video games. David McDivittle-world history and sociology teacher says in  NEA Today magazine, “games teach important lessons about cause and effect.” Interesting enough, games can also be used in gym class. The video Dance Dance Revolution is being used by kids to “burn calories, build bone density, and fight obesity by stepping on the appropriate button on a dance pad to follow the arrows displayed on a big video screen” (Long).

       All in all, I see numerous benefits of using video games in various educational settings. It also seems to make the education process very enjoyable for students! What more can you ask for?

Try a game online:

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