Where can information be found quickly? Wikipedia

How are people currently conducting research and/or finding information on particular subjects quickly?

Rather the topic being researched is something current or historical, many people are referring to Wikipedia, or Wikis. This is an online encyclopedia, but unlike other encyclopedias, it can be edited, added to, and/or deleted. It “houses more than 865,000 separate entries,” according to Will Richardson. It sounds like a great resource to use in the classroom with students. Not only can students use it to access information quickly, they can too edit information and insert their own post. For example, if a class is studying Historical St. Mary’s City, they can search for the topic and view what is posted. If information that they want to find is not posted, they can learn about it and then create and publish their own post.  “Like blogs, they could also post PowerPoint presentations, video and audio files, and spreadsheets” (Will Richardson). Refere to this site for examples of students and teachers entries.  

Will Richardson also provided school Wikis possibilities. They include: book reports, What I did this summer, brainstorming, poetry, notes from class, history of the school/community, and formula.

Sounds like a great classroom tool. I’m ready to start using it in the classroom. How about you?

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