Social Bookmarking

Have you ever saved a favorite website address on a disk and then forgot to take it with you when you needed it? Have you ever saved something to a hard drive, had your computer crash, and loose important web addresses? Last question. Have you ever been on a computer somewhere and found a very useful site, but wasn’t able to remember it at a later date? I can honestly answer yes to each of these questions. Therefore, when I learned about Social Bookmarking, I had to share the finding with everyone I knew. Social bookmarking is a service where you “can save links, annotate them with unique keywords, or tags to organize them with the world” (Will Richardson).  Click here to find the Who, What, How, and Why about Social Bookmarking. These are just a few reasons that I use Social Bookmarking.

Another reason includes sharing great sites with others. Often I have visited my college professor’s site and found very useful web addresses. With the use of tags, I have been able to connect to others that share the same sites and interest. What a great way to collaborate with others Professionally. “And in doing so, you’re creating your own community of researchers that is gathering relevant information for you” (Will Richardson).

Now that I have goteen you excited about Social Bookmarking, it’s time to choose a site to use. Here are some Social Bookmarking sites to get you started.

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