Using Audacity to Help Increase Reading Fluency

Throughout elementary schools in Frederick County, Maryland teachers are asked to assess students’ fluency. During the process, teachers often tape record students while they are reading. They do this in order for students to hear themselves read. They also do this so that the teacher and student can analyze and reflect on the student’s reading.

After learning about the program Audacity, a program that  “allows users to quickly create, delete and modify voice recording,” (FCPS Audacity Instruction and Use) I thought about the value of using this program to promote reading fluency. Students would be able to record themselves, listen to it, and edit the recording. Using this program would also be encouraged by the school system because it covers many of Maryland’s teacher and student technology standards.

Some ideas that I came up with for using the program to increase reading fluency include the following. Teachers could record themselves in order to model fluent reading for students. Fluent Readers in the class could also record themselves and then have less fluent readers  listen to the recordings. This could be very motivating for all students involved. Lastly, students could  take turns reading, recording, and listening to each other’s reading. During this time, they could discuss their efforts (sharing what was done well while reading and what could be worked on).  

Here’s another way to use it and Here is a guide to help.

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