Using Comics in Education

When is the last time that you picked up the comic section of the newspaper? Be honest. Despite of age, most people enjoy reading comics. Therefore, why not use comics in the classroom for educational purposes.  According to Gene Yang, comics are motivational. He claims, “By far, the most frequently mentioned asset of comics as an educational tool is its ability to motivate students.” They can be used in various ways to teach various subjects. Not only are comics motivational for students, but they can also help students improve their reading fluency and comprehension. Visit this site for more information. Comics are also reach various student learning styles.

This site provides teachers with lessons on using comics in the classroom. It provides comics and evaluation forms to use with comics. This is a rubric that could be used with level 3-12, college.

Still need ideas on how to use comics in the classroom. Here is an idea to get you started. 

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One Comment on “Using Comics in Education”

  1. drwinner Says:

    I like the idea of using anything that grabs the learners attention. Here’s an example that supports your cartoon idea. I go to St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Myrtle Beach. Our Priest, Father Ray, starts his Homily every week with 3 cartoons. It makes folks laugh, it gives the opening of his message a light hearted, down-to-earth approach. And,in the end, we all love to laugh. I’ve seen folks who didn’t get the joke or cartoon that he shared — but laugh anyway, because everyone around them was laughing. This works in the classroom as well. Laughter is the best way to get a lesson plan going –and we all know that anytime we make learning fun — it’s also successful.

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