Issues to Address when Preparing for Instructional Technology Professional Development

Adult Learning Process and Needs

  • They seek out learning opportunities
  • The process is individual
  • Develop a “felt Need” for participants
  • Learn best through direct participation
  • Organize activities that ensure success
  • Immediate application
  • Realistic Situations (role play, demonstrations, case studies)
  • Informal learning environment (refreshment breaks, behavioral guidelines, immersed in the educational process)
  • Variety of teaching methods (through senses-promotes retention)
  • Guidance, not grades-adults benefit from encouragement of their capabilities as learners, fear humiliation-don’t use as an example
  • Safety-Trust in the competence, make self experience clear-introduce self safe and confident in teacher, trust in relevance of objectives, point out how objectives  by learning needs and recourse assessment, four learners at a table large enough for their materials, physical and social safety. Start with a simple, clear, and relativity easy task before advancing to more complex. Sequence and reinforcement

Need for Professional Development

  • Analysis of student date and identification of student learning needs
  • Statement of what teachers need to know and be able to do to address student learning needs—Teacher needs assessment—WWW question (Who as needers, what as needs, who as definers
  • Description of teacher knowledge and skills necessary to assess student learning needs
  • Aligned with the expressed needs of teachers from large samples and indicators
  • National standards are aligned with PD,  addressing teachers needs, opportunities for sharing experiences, reflection, and construction of knowledge and skills

Learning Outcomes and related indicators which address the need for the

  • Outcome defined in terms of participants mastery of new knowledge and skills (their application or exit slip)
  • Strategies to ensure full participation
  • Clear expectations
  • Description of links between professional dev. And others
  • Focus on higher order teaching strategies to increase the use of those strategies in the classroom
  • Study groups and teacher networks enhance the experience-involves teachers from the same subject, grade, or school
  • Frequent and coherent to enable positive change in performances
  • Follow up- provide support to elicit understanding, approaches, elements of instruction


  • Explanation of how each evaluation question will be addressed and who it will focus  on each of the intended outcomes and related indicators
  • Timeline and assignment for conducting the evaluation and reporting the results


  • Complete
  • Resources are sufficient to ensure activities, follow up, and evaluation will take place

Professional Development Topics

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