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The Engaging and Motivating, Flickr

November 4, 2007

While planning and developing lessons, teachers sometimes find themselves struggling to make learning fun and engaging. As I read about Flickr in Will Richardson’s book,  I though about many ways that Flickr could be integrated into everyday classroom lessons and how motivational it would be for students.  Wikipedia defines Flickr as  a photo sharing website and web service suite, and an online community platform. As stated in Will Richardon’s book, “Flickr is a great tool for introducing students not only to digital images and publishing, but to the social conversations and collaborative learning opportunities that are now offered.”

Some of Flickr’s uses include: highlighting and conversing about current events, presenting and reflecting on class projects, increasing technology, typing, and map skills, and allows for opportunities to discuss field-trips and classroom speakers. Flickr could be used in various educational settings, ranging from the art room to math class.  Importantly, the annotation feature can be used in most of the educational settings. The annotation feature allows the user to add notes in a text form.

As with most technology tools, there are precautions to consider. For instance, members self-police the photos that are uploaded, so there is no guarantee of quality or appropriateness.  Teachers need to be aware of this prior to using Flickr and need to monitor student use appropriately.

When looking to increase student motivation and classroom participation, look no further than Flickr.