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What is Photo Story 3? How Can It Be Used?

November 6, 2007

Photo Story3  is a Microsoft program that can be used to create video stories. With use of digital photos and other picture files, the user can create presentations in an exciting way! Features of the program include: zooming,  panning, cropping, voice recording, titles, and music. Importantly, you must have Windows Media Player 10 downloaded to use Photo Story 3 (FCPS Photo Story 3 Introduction and Tutorial). Click here to find out more about Photo Story 3.

“This program is helpful for teachers to create video stories about content area or for students to share what they have learned or experienced with others” (FCSP Photo Story 3 Introduction and Tutorial). The uses (for both teacher and student) are countless. Photo Story could be used by a teacher when preparing for a field trip to a museum. The teacher could create a video story including art that will be seen at the museum. They could show the presentation to students prior to the trip. This could be motivational for students and it could set the expectations of what is to be viewed. Students could also use Photo Story in order to share their Science Fair Projects. Using this program would enable students to share photos from the experiment phases, and it would allow them to record important ideas about the photos used.

Go to this site for created educational examples using Photo Story 3.