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Keeping Your Wireless Secure

October 23, 2007

Whether a wireless computer is used for personal use and/or professional use ,  I’m sure that people do not want other individuals accessing their computer files or data. In the Technology and Learning magazine, it was noted that it is possible for people to use “personal wireless connections and use them as a source to send out spam or malicious software.” Therefore, I thought that I would share advice that they provided.

The magazine first advised changing the log-on user-name and password for the wireless router. In many cases, people do not do this and  keep the log-on set as the default. This makes it easy for people to access other networks. You can also use Firewalls in order to “decide who can communicate with your system”(Technology and Learning Magazine). Lastly, because hotspots are available in various places in order to provide Internet access, “you might want to forego doing online banking or shopping.” In the magazine, it was stated that, “this could be a draw for a bad guy with a sniffer, hardware or software that can intercept wireless signals” (Technology and Learning).

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